20 Years of Tide in India

Our heritage in India

Tide started its glorious journey in India more than 20 years ago, as a gift to clothes for the new millennium. Tide’s aim has been and will always be to bring a global standard of clean to India, matching the bright, cheerful, quintessential Indian household. This is why Tide has been providing solutions to cleaning tough spots like collars and cuffs, or innovations like the Tide PODS® for more than 20 years.

20 years of Tide

2000 – The start

With the challenge to give Indian households world class whiteness, Tide’s story began in India in 2000.

Its bright orange colour continues to stand out as the symbol of outstanding clean.

2003 – The iconic campaign

Tide introduces its most iconic campaign to date, moving from challenging to surprising by bursting everyday myths around common laundry processes. Thanks to this campaign, all Indian households know the two famous words: ‘Chaunk gye?’

2004 – Keeping it fresh

The launch of Tide Lemon allowed consumers to give their laundry an extra kick of freshness with the power of lemon.

2006 – Arrival of a new scent

In line with the most loved scent in the country, Tide launched a new variant with Jasmine and Rose fragrance, which continued to rule the hearts of Tide consumers to this day.

2009 – Another giant leap forward

Tide launched Tide Natural.

2012 – Talcum Freshness

Taking yet another leap to delight Indian consumers, Tide launched Tide with Talcum freshness. At the same time, Tide Naturals made its first appearance with its magnificent green colour.

2018 – The year of innovation

The innovation and the journey of improving products to more precisely cater to consumer needs started in 2018 with the launch of Tide Extra Powder. And it never stopped ever since.

2019 – The year of the Ultra

The launch of Tide Ultra meant a new portfolio on its own for Tide. Moving form focusing primarily a handwash market, Tide brought innovation to cater to washing machine consumers. Half of the Ultra products were designed for semi-automatic washing machines and handwash, while the other half were to be used with fully automatic washing machines. This was to show how true innovation can look like while meeting consumer demands at the same time.

2020 – 3 new products

To show that innovation cannot be stopped, Tide launched 3 new products in 2020.

  • Tide PODS® – the first brand to launch them in India (together with Ariel)

  • Tide Fresh and Clean – to combine affordable products with the promise of Tide

  • Tide Ultra Anti-germ – to promise the removal of germs from clothes

2021 – Double Power

An important year in Tide’s history – the launch of Tide Double Power in 2021, the best product developed with the best technologies. Tide created a heartfelt campaign to connect with consumers emotionally with the key message that laundry is a difficult job, leave it to Tide and spend your time on something that truly matters.