How Much Laundry Detergent to Use

How Much Laundry Detergent to Use

Ever had the strange feeling when you can’t decide if a bad laundry experience is the result of too much or too little laundry detergent? No need to worry, we’ve got you. Read on to find out how much laundry detergent you should use when handwashing or doing laundry in a washing machine.

The amount of laundry detergent

Eyeballing the amount of laundry detergent you need and doing laundry like that is always a gamble, because you may end up using too little or too much detergent that can lead to poor laundry results. When determining the correct amount of detergent, you must consider the following.

  1. How dirty the clothes are. The more heavily soiled your clothes are, the more detergent you’ll need in a load to remove all the dirt.

  2. Size of the load. Larger wash loads bring in more dirt no matter how you do your laundry, so to get great results on every wash you’ll need more detergent.

  3. Water hardness. Water hardness varies throughout the country. Those who live in areas where the water is harder will need to use more detergent for the same results.

How to dose laundry detergent

Washing Powder

For those everyday stains and smells, washing powder like Tide Double Power, or Tide Matic is a great option; just make sure you get the dosage right. Once you’re done with adding the powder, add your clothes and start your washing process.

Liquid Detergent

If you want to upgrade your laundry experience, try Tide Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent or Tide Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent and see how easily they lift and lock stains from your garments inside your washing machine, and prevent them from setting on your clothes again. On average, you may use about 60 ml for a medium load, or about 90 ml for a large load of laundry.

Tide PODS®

To make life easier, try the pre-dosed laundry PODS like Tide Matic 4-in-1 PODS® with 4 unique chambers for extra convenience. First, insert the required number of PODS® based on your load size, then fill your washing machine with your laundry and turn the machine on.