How to wash your curtains

Curtains are essential parts of most homes, but they often get overlooked when people do the laundry. How should we wash our curtains? How often do we clean them? Read on to find out everything you need to know, and more.

How often should you wash your curtains?

Curtains aren’t just there to look nice; they have an important function of keeping some of the dust and dirt out of your home. This means that they need cleaning on a regular basis, just as anything else in your home. You should remember to wash your curtains:

  • Every 6-12 months, if you live in dusty area or near the sea

  • Every 12 months, if you have a wood heater inside your home

  • Every 2-3 years, in general.

5 steps on how to wash curtains or clean drapes in a washing machine

1. Check the label.

Before you do anything, make sure you check the curtain’s fabric care label to see if it can be washed in a washing machine. Unlined curtains or sheers made from cotton, nylon, or polyester are usually washable.

2. Load.

Put the curtains into the drum, and make sure you’re not overloading the machine. If you find that your curtains are too big for your machine, consider hand washing instead.

3. Dose.

Use Tide Matic Front Liquid Front-load Detergent for a front-load washing machines or Tide Matic Liquid Top-load Detergent for top-load washing machines for the best laundry results. Semi-auto washing machines work best with Tide Ultra Semi-auto and for hand-wash or bucket wash, Tide Double Power shows the best results.

4. Wash.

Use a delicate cycle, or a cold wash with a slow spin to keep your curtains in pristine condition.

5. Unload.

As soon as the cycle is finished, take the curtains out, and hang them out to dry.

How to wash curtains with rings

If your curtain has rings, and you can’t take them off the fabric, you should be careful when washing it, as the metal parts can cause damage to the washer drum. To avoid this damage, use a mesh laundry bag, and put your curtain in it before putting it into the drum. This way, you can protect your washing machine and the fabric of your curtain at the same time.

When to hand wash curtains

If your curtain’s fabric care label says it’s too delicate for a machine wash, you should wash it by hand. This can sometimes be the case for curtains made of cotton, nylon, polyester, lace, and silk. Wash your curtain in your sink or in a bucket, using lukewarm or cold water, and be very gentle when touching the fabric.

How to dry curtains

The best way to dry your curtains is outside on a line. A nice breeze to get as much air around the fabric as possible is optimal, and try to avoid direct sunlight, as it may affect the colour of the curtain.

How to clean curtains with a steam cleaner

If you have a steam cleaner, the best way to clean curtains is using the upholstery attachment to your machine. Make sure you start steam cleaning from the top, and gradually work your way down to the bottom of the curtain. Read the manual carefully to avoid getting burnt by the hot steam, and watch out for wet patches on the curtain, as these mean you’re holding the cleaner too close to the fabric.